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Let’s Talk: Teens building their health care skills

April 5, 2024

@ 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Supporting health management for youth with a health condition.
This webinar is for parents/caregivers and their youth who have a health condition. During the webinar you’ll hear from youth facilitators who have transitioned to the adult health care system. We’ll talk about why it’s helpful to start talking about transition to adult care early, what self-management means and steps you can take to build your health care skills. For parents/caregivers, we will talk about the experience of supporting your youth as they take on more responsibility for managing their health condition.
The webinar is open to youth and caregivers in New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia. It will be held on Zoom for Healthcare on Friday, April 5 2024 from 12-1 pm.
Check out the You’re in Charge program for more information and resources for youth with a health condition.