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Learning is a cornerstone of success at the IWK. Our close association with academic centres across the Maritime provinces and our reputation as a centre of scholarship sets a standard of excellence that’s supported in many ways.

The IWK Learning and Development Team

The Learning and Development team is responsible for building organizational capacity through centre-wide learning and development programs and services. Team members coordinate and support programs that meet organizational learning needs, including simulated, electronic and technical learning, library services, virtual support and strategic committee work. Beginning with a comprehensive orientation program for new employees and continuing with ongoing educational programs, IWK employees are supported in achieving their learning goals. The Learning and Development team is also responsible for learner placement and academic partnership agreements.

  • Jennifer Williams, Manager
  • Position currently vacant, Learning Consultant
  • Stacey Coolen, ELearning Developer
  • Sheldon McCarthy, Web Support Specialist
  • Position currently vacant, Professional Development Consultant
  • Betty Ann Robinson, Professional Development Consultant
  • Lisa Clements-Titcombe, Professional Development Consultant
  • Kathy Johnston, Simulation Coordinator
  • Toni White-Goodridge, IT Learning Consultant
  • Jeff Nakhaie, Simulation Technician
  • Darlene Chapman, Operations Manager of Library Services
  • Andrea Reynolds, Library Services
  • Pam Parker, Library Services

For more information on learning activity at IWK Health please contact:

Jennifer Williams, Manager, Learning & Development Team

eSource Learning

To support employees, the IWK has created eSource Learning, a learning website that’s linked with the provincial learning management system and functions as a hub for educational content. Health care systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and thanks to eSource Learning, educational support for employees within the system is available when and where it is needed. 

For more information on eSource Learning, contact:

Stacey Coolen, Web Support Specialist

Sheldon McCarthy, Web Support Specialist

Unit-based clinical education

Many units have clinical leaders of development who are responsible for the coordination of learning related to their specialty. These individuals are content experts in their clinical specialty. For more information or to contact any of these individuals please refer to the clinical program or contact Mary Thibeault.

Children’s Health
Med/Surg Nursing Unit (MSNU): 902-470-7907
Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU): 902-470-7369
Medical Unit (PMU): 902-470-8790
Emergency: 902-470-3855
Oncology/Hematology/Nephrology – 902-470-6369
Pediatric OR – 902-470-8962
Pediatric Day Surgery/Recovery Room – 902-470-2864

Mental Health and Addictions
Acute Inpatient Services (The Garron Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health at the IWK): 902-470-7914

Women’s and Newborn Health
Birth Unit: 902-470-6912
Family Newborn Adult Surgery Unit (FNASU): 902-470-7112
Women’s Perioperative: 902-470-6785
Prenatal Special Care Unit/Genetics/Perinatal/FATC – 902-470-2736
NICU: 902.470.3844 or 902-470-3906

Infection Control
Infection Control Practitioner (Educator): Christine Sherren 902-470-7252

Information Technology
Technical Trainer: Toni White-Goodridge 902-470-6848

Respiratory Therapy Educator: 902-470-7737

  • Contact

    For more information on learning activity at IWK Health please contact:

    Jennifer Williams, Manager
    Learning & Development Team