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Brain Tumour Clinic

The Brain Tumour Clinic provides specialized care for children and youth in the Maritimes who have a brain tumour.

How we help

We use an interdisciplinary team to provide treatment and support for patients and their families. Treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and biotherapy.  This treatment may be provided in the clinic, however some may need to be delivered on the inpatient unit (6Link) or at home hospital. Supportive care is an important component of the treatments we provide and includes blood product administration, drugs to minimize side effects, nutritional support, psychosocial support, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

What to expect

The Brain Tumour clinic is a two day clinic, so if you’re travelling some distance, you’ll want to make accommodation plans to stay overnight. Here are nearby accommodations options. Your child’s appointment will include a nurse appointment and an MRI. The following day is your doctor’s appointment.  There will be other appointments scheduled as well as meetings with other staff as needed. Your child’s FCC (Family Care Coordinator) or clinic nurse will generally review the schedule for the day with you and your family. The staff at the IWK work hard to schedule and accommodate your child’s needs to the best of our ability but sometimes delays may occur that cannot be avoided. 

To fully prepare for your child’s visit, please be sure to bring along:

  • your child's health card
  • your appointment letter
  • a List of all medications your child is taking including over the counter medications and medication schedule
  • any medications needed during your visit
  • name and telephone number of your referring physician and/or family physician
  • insurance information
  • a list of questions you and/or your child may have for the physician. 
  • books, games, snacks, diapers, change of baby clothes or other necessities.
  • food or formula from home if you're here during meal time

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to ensure enough time to register. There are no drop-in appointments. On rainy or stormy days traffic may be heavy, and you may need extra time if you're using the parking garage at the hospital. If you're running late or you need to cancel an appointment, please call us at 902-470-6910.

Who you’ll meet

Registered Nurses 
They will care for your child during your visit. They'll meet you in the waiting area and then take you and your child to an area where information like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, height, and weight will be assessed.  They may also ask about other pertinent information concerning your child’s health, and provide treatment that your child needs.

Lab technologists
They collect and analyse samples of blood, urine and other specimens to aid physicians in diagnosis and treatment.

There are many doctors who are specialized in the care of children with brain tumours. Several different doctors may provide care for your child.

Child Life Specialists 
They can help your child to understand and cope with their reaction to their diagnosis and treatment through play.

Clinical Pharmacists 
They provide education about the medications that your child will be given if needed.

Clinical Dietitians 
They assess your child’s nutritional status and provide education around healthy eating.
Social Workers are trained to help you and your child cope with illness and hospitalization through counselling, support groups, financial assistance, and resource referral. 

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

If you parked in the parking garage you'll enter the IWK through the gallery on the main floor (second floor). Go down the hall past the green elevators and take a sharp left. Proceed to the end of this hallway until you see the blue elevators. Go up to the 6th floor and look for the bright green floor and the sign that says “Hematology Oncology Outpatient Clinic”. There’s a registration desk at the entrance to the clinic where the clerk will confirm your information and provide your child with an armband required to receive care. There is a waiting room and activity area near this desk where you can wait for your appointment.


Children’s Building - IWK Health Centre

5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax , Nova Scotia