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Child Life Television (CL-TV)

Child Life Television (CL-TV) is Child Life's closed circuit television network. CL-TV broadcasts on channel 78 throughout the Children’s and Link Bulding.  

CL-TV  programming allows patients an opportunity to create television content – providing a creative outlet, fostering positive self esteem, and teaching new skills. It also provides a distraction from healthcare experiences and enhances the Child Life goal of providing therapeutic play opportunities that normalize the hospital environment and support the development of children and youth during their hospital stay.

Some of our Child Life Television programming can be found at the Child Life YouTube Channel

Child Life Television - Goals 

1) To enable the delivery of IWK Health Centre programming and special events to patients unable to leave their rooms (due to contact precautions or significant mobility issues).

2) To foster a sense of community within the Health Centre and, for patients confined to their rooms, decrease potential feelings of isolation. 

3) To provide empowerment opportunities and skill development through patient and sibling participation in broadcasts.

4) To provide educational opportunities for patients and families about medical conditions, medical procedures, and the Health Centre environment.

5) To provide a fun and exciting way for patients to gain a sense of mastery and control over their environment, and to share the spotlight in a way that focuses on their positive attributes and abilities.

6) To enhance the normal development of children and teens through interactive, educational and entertaining, commercial free television.

7) To assist patients and their families cope with the potential stress and anxiety caused by illness and/or hospitalisation by familiarizing them with the Health Centre, its routines and procedures, and its personnel. 


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Child Life-TV broadcasts on channel 78 throughout the Children’s and Link Bulding.  

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