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Dermatology Care Services

The Dermatology clinic helps newborns and children who have diseases or conditions of the skin, hair and nails.

How we help

Our team provides provides assessment, management, treatment, education and follow up services for newborns and children up to 16 who have conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis, lesions and hemangiomas. Infantile hemangioma is the most common benign vascular lesion of infancy—most lesions regress spontaneously, but about 10% of hemangiomas require treatment. Our team also manages complex vascular malformations host a Vascular Lesion clinic every three months.

What to expect

A consult is received by the Dermatologist from the family doctor, pediatricians, emergency room, other specialist and nurse practitioners. The Dermatologist will review the consult and determine a timeline for the patient to be seen. The booking clerks in Shared Clinics will notify the patient/family with an upcoming appointment date and time by phone and/or mail.  If you’re unable to keep this appointment, please call Shared Clinics to reschedule (902-470-8043).

On the day of your appointment, please arrive in the Shared Clinics area located on the first floor of the Children’s Building. You'll need to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to register.  Please allow extra time for parking.

Please bring your child’s health card, a list of medications (drugs) that your child takes, and any toys or books that will entertain your child. Though we make every effort to see your child at the designated time, unfortunately things can happen that might delay your seeing the doctor.

Upon arrival in Shared Clinics, please take a number and listen for your number to be called for registration. The dermatology nurse will call your name and place you in the examination room. The nurse will meet with you before the physician to obtain a brief history.  

The IWK is a teaching hospital, so your visit may involve meeting with medical clerks (student doctor), residents (physicians training to be a Dermatologist, family doctors, pediatricians, plastic surgeons or Rheumatologist), and nursing students.  Of course you will see you’re attending Physician at every visit. 

The IWK Dermatology Staff are Dr. Laura Finlayson, Dr. Peter Green, and Kim Fraser LPN.

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

Children’s Building -IWK Health Centre

Dermatology can be found in Shared Clinics located on the 1st floor.

5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax , Nova Scotia