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Developmental Pediatrics Clinic

Every year the Developmental Pediatrics Clinic helps about 1200 children and youth with a wide variety of neurodevelopmental disorders including autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], speech/language disorders, cognitive disorders, learning disabilities, and syndromes known to be associated with developmental or behavioural difficulties.

How we help

Our team includes developmental pediatricians, nurses and administrative assistants. We provide primarily outpatient care, but also do inpatient consultations at IWK Health. We’re part of the Autism Team, and work closely with many other teams within the IWK, including Maritime Medical Genetics, and IWK Mental Health and Addictions. We work collaboratively with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dietitians, psychologists, social workers and child life. We also have a working relationship with many community agencies and groups including schools, daycares/preschools, and early intervention programs. We see children on referral from a general practitioner, nurse practitioner, or dentist. 

What to expect

A typical first visit is about two hours long and includes a review of your child’s history and a physical examination, and may also include some developmental assessments. You’ll be seen by a physician and sometimes a resident and/or nurse. 

To fully prepare for your child’s visit, please be sure to bring along: 

  • your child's health card
  • your appointment letter
  • a List of medications
  • any medications needed during your visit
  • a list of questions you and/or your child may have for the physician. Also, remember to ask for any instructions from the doctor or letters of medical necessity that you may need for school our your child's family physicians/pediatrician.
  • books, games, snacks (peanut free), diapers, change of baby clothes, or other necessities.

Note: If you, as the child’s parent or legal guardian, are unable to come to the IWK appointment with your child, make sure you provide the person bringing your child with written authorization for care and treatment. You also must have contact information for the parent/legal guardian in case additional consent is required. Also, since the IWK is a teaching centre, we often have Dalhousie residents and other learners working with us under supervision. 

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

Our clinic operates Monday to Friday. Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive at IWK Health. It can take up to 45 minutes to park your car, find your way to the clinic, and register for your appointment. There is an information desk at each of the main entrances to IWK Health where directions to our clinic can be obtained. We’re located on the eighth floor of the Children’s site building with access via the blue elevators. Register in the waiting room next to the elevators on the 8th floor. 

Contact number: 902-470-7300 or toll free: 1-888-470-5888.

Children’s Building - IWK Health Centre

We’re located on the eighth floor of the Children’s site building with access via the blue elevators. Register in the waiting room next to the elevators on the 8th floor.

5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax , Nova Scotia
  • Contact

    toll free: 1-888-470-5888

    Developmental Pediatrics Clinic