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Family Intensive Outreach Service (FIOS)

What kind of treatment will my family get?

  • FIOS work is guided by the Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy (ESFT) model to support children/youth and families experiencing behavioral or relationship challenges.

How does it work?

  • FIOS takes a trauma-informed, strengths-based approach to understand your family’s relationships and work toward your family’s goals.
  • Changing family interactions supports change in individual behaviors.
  • FIOS will help caregivers develop a better understanding of your child/youth’s challenges.
  • FIOS will work with community partners to help your family access services and supports available.

Where does treatment happen?

The FIOS team will meet your family wherever works best for you. Sessions can be done:

  • In your home
  • In our clinic
  • At a community clinic or another location close to your home
  • Zoom when relevant

How often does treatment happen?

Sessions occur twice a week for 50-60 minutes, Monday-Friday between 9am – 5pm. One of these weekly sessions will be a caregiver session, the other a family session. Length of treatment is approximately 8 months.

Who will be working with my family?

FIOS uses a team approach. Your family will work with a team of three staff, with two primary staff meeting with you regularly.

Confidentiality is prioritized in your family’s care and your team will discuss this topic with you.


How change can happen                                                      

  • Change is supported by intensive treatment which focuses on:
    • Problem solving to develop new ways to interact with each other
    • Strengthening parental supports and skills
    • Improving parent and child/youth emotion regulation
  • You can expect your FIOS team to help you work on:
    • Relationships within your family
    • Regulation (e.g., calming yourself and others)
    • Caregiver Functioning (e.g., setting limits)


*We are not a crisis service. If you require immediate emergency services our team will refer you to IWK Emergency.