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Healthcare Services to Nova Scotia Youth Centre

The IWK partners with the Department of Justice to provide essential healthcare services to young persons in custody at the Nova Scotia Youth Centre (NSYC). The interdisciplinary team consists of a psychiatrist, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and a social worker. Psychologists are available for assessments and consultations on request. 

How we help

The IWK provides a spectrum of care, like that found in a community setting, while specializing in services that reflect the needs of a forensic and correctional population. These include mental health assessment, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, infectious disease and control, medication management, suicide risk assessment, health education and discharge planning. Clinical services facilitate interventions to support young offenders with moderate to severe mental health and addictions issues. Youth can self-refer or be referred by family or by Department of Justice staff. 

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

Youth are admitted under the order of a Judge. If a youth presents with an acute psychiatric disorder while a resident of the NSYC, the psychiatrist may admit the youth to the Secure Care Unit (SCU) for stabilization. 

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