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Midwifery at the IWK

Registered midwives are health professionals who provide expert primary care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum for those anticipating a low-risk pregnancy, labour and birth. Midwives provide reproductive and sexual health care to their patients, including prenatal care, cervical cancer screening and contraceptive counselling. They also provide primary care for infants from birth until 6 weeks of age. Midwives provide evidence-based, family-centered care.

Midwifery care is covered by provincial health insurance – there are no additional fees. Midwives can prescribe and administer medications and order all the necessary tests, screens, ultrasounds, and investigations in pregnancy.  The IWK Community Midwives have a community clinic located in Dartmouth, NS.

The IWK Community Midwives provide care in a team-based model, meaning you will be assigned a group of 2-4 midwives as your care providers. You will have the opportunity to get to know your midwives before birth. Your team will see you on a regular basis, following the same routine prenatal visit schedule as other care providers looking after people who are pregnant. Prenatal visits last approximately 30 minutes, allowing for personalized care and informed decision making.

During labour and birth, your midwife manages your care. A nurse, or second midwife will attend the birth as well.

If a complication arises at any time during pregnancy, birth, or after the baby is born, your midwife may consult with specialists such as an Obstetrician or Neonatologist. In some cases, should significant complications arise, your care may be transferred to an Obstetrician following a discussion with your midwifery team.

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

People wishing to access midwifery services may request an intake form by calling (902) 491-2292 or by emailing You do not need a referral from a family doctor or nurse practitioner to see a midwife and you do not need to see a doctor before seeing a midwife.

Due to high demand and the small number of midwives, there is often a waitlist for midwifery care. Please note that spaces may be reserved for priority populations who could most benefit from the extra support midwives offer.

Accessing this Clinic, Program, or Service

68 Highfield Park Drive
Suite 202
Dartmouth, NS, B3A4X1
(902) 491-2292




68 Highfield Park Drive
Suite 202
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia