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Perinatal Centre

The Perinatal Centre (PNC) helps HRM patients by providing a wide range of services including primary maternity care, postpartum care, high risk/tertiary obstetrical care, and prenatal education (offered in partnership with Public Health Services).

How we help

The IWK's Perinatal Centre consists of the following clinics and services.

Prenatal Special Care Unit

The Prenatal Special Care Unit team provides care to patients and their families experiencing high-risk pregnancy. Care is provided in both ambulatory (outpatient) and inpatient settings and is available to women and their families in Nova Scotia as well as the Maritime community. When necessary, pregnant patients with medical complications of pregnancy are admitted to the high-risk inpatient Prenatal Special Care Unit (PSCU). Services include cervical ripening, postdate assessment, maternal fetal monitoring, and harm reduction of substance abuse.

Obstetrical Day Unit

Obstetrical Day Unit (ODU) is a service that improves patient care during the antepartum period through a coordinated approach to meet the needs of the patient and her family. Patients seen through ODU include patients requiring cervical ripening prior to induction, and those in need of postdate assessment and other complex or uncommon perinatal treatments on a short-term basis.  

Fetal Assessment Treatment Centre

Fetal Assessment Treatment Centre (FATC) provides diagnostic services to assess the health or well being of the unborn baby. Specially trained sonographers, nurses and Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians provide a complete service for comprehensive assessment of the health of the patient and their unborn baby. The unit is located on the 7th Floor of the Women’s Building. 

What to expect

To fully prepare for your appointment, be sure to bring along the following items:

  • Your health card
  • Your appointment letter
  • A list of medications you are taking
  • Any medications needed during your visit
  • Name and telephone number of your referring physician and/or family physician
  • Insurance information
  • A list of questions you may have for the physician. 
  • Note: Please do not bring food if you must fast prior to your appointment.

The PNC care team includes:

  • Perinatal nurses
  • Physicians
  • Clinical nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Social workers
  • Unit aides
  • Receptionists

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

Women's/Adult Building -IWK Health Centre

The Perinatal Centre is on the main floor of the Woman’s Building (5980 University Avenue). Use the entrance on the corner of University Avenue and Robie Street. Enter the lobby and register at reception found behind the security desk.

5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia