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Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Therapy team are highly skilled healthcare professionals that provides advanced respiratory support to newborns, children, and women as a centre-wide service. The Respiratory Therapists( RTs) are integral members of the interprofessional teams that provide critical care in the NICU(& Birth Unit), PICU, Emergency Department and Air Medical Transport. They’re also key members of the Cardiac Arrest Team, Trauma Team, Neonatal Resuscitation Team, Rapid Response Team and ECLS team. RTs also work in Respirology (Complex Respiratory Clinic) and Pulmonary Function Testing. 

How we help

Respiratory Therapists (RTs) care for patients of all ages by assessing, treating and improving lung function and health, sometimes by using advanced medical technology(eg. Ventilators).

RTs are educated to treat all age groups and are licensed to practice in Nova Scotia through the Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists( NSCRT).

RTs also provide ongoing educational support to a wide range of healthcare students. We are closely linked with the Dalhousie University School of Health Sciences Respiratory Therapy program.

RTs are committed to family-centred care and are always available to help families understand the various respiratory therapy treatments and the technology used.

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    Tim Sanford
    Professional Practice Leader