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SeaStar Child and Youth Advocacy Centre

SeaStar Child and Youth Advocacy Centre is a safe, welcoming place, where different agencies and services work together to improve the way our community responds to concerns of child abuse.

SeaStar’s approach brings together professionals from law enforcement, child welfare, health care, mental health, and justice systems. Our aim is to create one integrated approach to investigation, assessment, and treatment of suspected violence or abuse.

We offer:

  • Coordinated, one-stop services
  • Welcoming environment, designed specifically for children and youth
  • Calm, comfortable interview room
  • Specialized medical assessment (if needed)
  • Help assessing options for mental health services
  • Enhanced communication across agencies

Every visit to SeaStar is different. If you are referred to SeaStar, the services offered will depend on your family’s individual needs.

Visit our website to for more information about what it's like to visit SeaStar, including an animated video and virtual tour.

About Child and Youth Advocacy Centres

SeaStar is one of many Child and Youth Advocacy Centres (CYACs) across Canada, and is a member of the National and Atlantic Networks of CYACs. Learn more about the work of CYACs in Canada.

Note that a Child and Youth Advocacy Centre, like SeaStar, is not the same as an Office of the Child Advocate. While the names are similar and both work to advance the best interests of children, their mandates are different and separate.

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

Referrals to SeaStar are made by the Department of Community Services or  Mi’kmaw Family & Children’s Services, or police. SeaStar does not take direct referrals. 

If you are concerned that a child or youth is at risk, contact the Department of Community Services or Mi’kmaw Family & Children’s Services office where the child lives. After regular business hours, call 1 (866) 922-2434.

Children’s Building - IWK Health Centre

When your appointment is booked, you will be given directions to SeaStar's location in the Health Centre. If you have difficulty finding SeaStar on the day of your visit, you can call (902) 470-8222.

5850/5980 University Avenue
Halifax , Nova Scotia