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Secure Care Unit

The IWK Secure Care Unit (SCU), located in Waterville NS, is a three-bed inpatient unit that provides mental health assessments and care to youth who have been ordered by the courts to undergo a psychological and psychiatric assessment, an assessment of fitness to stand trial or an assessment of criminal responsibility. The youth can also be ordered to SCU by the Criminal Code Review Board (CCRB) if found not criminally responsible or unfit to stand trial for treatment. 

How we help

The Secure Care Unit is inside the Nova Scotia Youth Centre (NSYC). The facilities are independently operated and managed such that, for the most part, young people at SCU are separated from residents at NSYC. There are occasions when youth from NSYC and SCU come together, under supervision, to participate in special events. 

The interdisciplinary health care team consists of a forensic psychiatrist, registered and licensed practical nurses, youth care workers, and social worker. Psychologists are available for assessments and consultations.  

The unit provides 24-7 structured, individualized program care in a secure environment.



Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

This service is accessed through court orders or Criminal Code Review Board (CCRB) dispositions. The forensic psychiatrist might admit an NSYC resident who has shown signs of an acute and severe mental disorder. Once stable, the young person will be returned to NSYC. 

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