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IWK Health welcomes new Vice President, Research & Innovation

Dr. Frank MacMaster - Vice President, Research and Innovation

A warm welcome (back) to Dr. Frank MacMaster who joins us today as the new vice president, Research & Innovation at IWK Health.

As an experienced and respected researcher and leader, MacMaster believes research is learning how to do better. It is how we improve the health of women, children and youth of the Maritimes, not just as scientists, but as clinicians, as a hospital, and most importantly - as a community.

Originally from Nova Scotia, MacMaster studied at Saint Mary’s and Dalhousie universities and did his training at the IWK in mental health, so this is a very much a ‘homecoming’ for him and his family.

MacMaster holds a PhD in neurobiology and anatomy and was a postdoctoral fellow in brain imaging in child psychiatry at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. He was most recently a professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of Calgary and the Scientific Director for the Provincial Addictions and Mental Health Portfolio (PAMH) for Alberta Health Services (AHS). His research uses brain imaging to better understand neurodevelopmental and mental disorders.