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Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI)

The Nova Scotia Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI) program can help families of preschool aged children having a confirmed or provisional diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder. 

How we help

The program provides coaching for parents/guardians to support their child's ongoing development in communication, social skills, and other family identified goals. An intensive service surrounds the family and occurs in the natural settings of the child (e.g., home, daycare, pre-primary) to further promote practice of skills. The program provides evidence-based treatment based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis and recent research about child development. The main form of treatment is called Pivotal Response Treatment. Depending on the specific needs and skills of the child and family, other treatments might include the Picture Exchange Communication System, and Positive Behaviour Support. EIBI works with parents/guardians so that the service fits with family values and goals using a motivational communication framework.  Don’t worry, we’ll clearly explain all of these approaches to you if you and your family take advantage of this program.

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

The EIBI team receives referrals from the IWK Autism Team for children living in the Central Health Zone. Children living in other zones access the NS EIBI program through the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA).

After EIBI receives a referral, there is an opportunity for parents/guardians to meet with EIBI to ask questions and hear more about the program before deciding whether they would like to participate or not.

The NS EIBI program occurs across the province through the IWK and NSHA in partnership with Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia. 

This program is is funded through the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, and offered through IWK Health in collaboration with Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres (NSHSC). The program is also offered across the province through each region’s District Health Authority.


EIBI - Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention Treatment Program

7071 Bayers Road
Suite 160
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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