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Release of Information

If you or your child has been a patient of IWK Health, you can submit a request to receive a copy of your health record. There are fees , for all record requests that are for non-medical purposes.

How to submit your request

The Authorization of Release of Health Information form needs to be completed  to request health records or visit history for income tax purposes.  Please note this form must be printed and signed with an original signature before returned to the release of information office by mail, fax or email (.PDF) with a copy of the appropriate government ID (see sections 6 and 7).

Our normal processing is 30 days and requests are prioritized depending on medical requirements.  The same guidelines apply if you’d like the records released to someone else—like a relative, friend, doctor, another institution or lawyer (your authorization is valid for 90 days).


Fax 9024708851

Mail your written request to: Release of Information Office IWK Health Centre 5850/5980 University Halifax, Nova Scotia  B3J 3G9

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

For more information on the IWK Health Centre’s release of information procedures, please contact the Release of Information Office, Health Record Department at 902-470-7540.