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Area Specific Research Profiles

Researcher Profiles

Research at IWK Health is flourishing, thanks to the efforts of our exceptionally talented researchers. They include clinicians in a wide range of health professions, as well as basic scientists, epidemiologists and social scientists. Their work spans all four pillars of research: basic biomedical, clinical, health services and population health research. Together, IWK researchers are building a solid platform of knowledge that we can build upon to address all the key elements that influence health.

Many of our researchers have come to Halifax from other provinces and countries to join the IWK and Dalhousie University, our affiliated academic institution. The high calibre of our growing research community is attracting top people, to the benefit of the communities we serve.

Our researchers are noted for their academic credentials and high-impact publications. They are equally well known for their willingness to share knowledge and to work with colleagues toward common goals. Through their ideas, their energy, their dedication, and their teamwork, they are making a positive difference, every day, to the health and wellbeing of women, children, youth and families in the Maritimes.

Cancer Research

Cancer researchers at the IWK seek to learn more about the causes of cancer and how it develops, so ultimately it can be detected earlier or even prevented. At the same time, they are working to develop more effective treatments and improve the quality of life of children, youth and women with cancer.

Children's Health Research

Research in children’s health covers a wide spectrum at the IWK. For example, some IWK researchers are addressing the obesity epidemic, while others are working to improve the prevention and treatment of childhood cancers, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders and neurological conditions. Yet others want to ease the pain for children who are coping with chronic illnesses, or who need to undergo a medical or surgical procedure.

Immunology & Infectious Disease Research

The IWK is home to a large and productive group of immunology and infectious diseases researchers. They seek to understand and alleviate autoimmune and allergic diseases, and to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

IWK infectious diseases research is concentrated in the Canadian Center for Vaccinology, where more than 20 investigators study the biology of infectious diseases, develop and evaluate new vaccines, and explore vaccine-related health policy, ethics and law in order to inform health care providers, administrators, and policymakers. The Canadian Center for Vaccinology also manages the Clinical Research Unit and Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Challenge Unit. This 10-bed, 5,400-square-foot unit can host any study that requires a secure, comfortable, well-equipped, professionally staffed facility where research participants can stay for hours or even weeks for interventions, tests and monitoring.

Mental Health Research

Mental health researchers at the IWK are working to support mental health from infancy through childhood and on into adolescence. Their approaches range from educational interventions, to genetic and imaging studies, to health services evaluations and clinical trials.

Women's Health Research

IWK women’s health researchers focus on safeguarding maternal health and wellbeing in pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as women’s comfort, safety and wellbeing following surgical procedures.

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