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Learner Placement

The IWK hosts a variety of learners from all professions. We work closely with educational institutions across Canada, as well as staff, managers, and program leaders within the IWK, to arrange unpaid hands-on clinical and non-clinical placements for postsecondary students from a wide range of disciplines (except medicine). We also arrange sharing of expertise, professional development, and maintenance of competency placements for health care professionals employed by various Canadian institutions, such as the Department of National Defence and hospitals in other provinces. Learners at the IWK are supported by staff who have completed our Preceptor Workshop and have developed a skill set that will help make individual learning experiences positive ones.


The IWK uses the Health Services Placement Network (HSPnet) database to process/manage requests for learners. As a learning and teaching organization, the IWK is committed to creating supportive, collaborative learning environments, that foster the development of all students/learners and their transition to practice.


Please follow the steps below in your Learner Placement journey.


Step 1: Fill out Learner Placement Request

Step 2: Background/Health Screening Check

Step 3: Fill out required documents


Questions regarding learner placement should be directed to:
Cathy Miller-Sutcliffe, Learning Coordinator







Step 1: Fill out Learner Placement Request


The first step in the Learner Placement process is to fill out this placement form.



Step 2: Background Check

  • Criminal record check
  • Vulnerable sector search

These checks need to be done at your local RCMP/City Police detatchment or physician/Nurse Practioner.


Step 2-1: Health Screening Check

If you are a (Wet Lab) Research Learner who is going to be listed on the Biosafety permit for the Wet Lab, you need to fill out the below form:


If not,  you will fill out the below form:


These documents must be submitted to your placing co-ordinator or instructor.



Step 3: Fill out required documents

These documents need to be printed out and completed.