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School Therapy (Rehabilitation Services)

The aim of the School Therapy Service is to work together with students, families, and school staff to identify goals and create solutions that will support students’ functional needs and safe participation at school. School Therapy referrals are received from schools in collaboration with families. 

The IWK School Therapy Service (STS) is an interprofessional team in the Rehabilitation portfolio in the IWK Children’s Health Program, consisting of Occupational Therapists (OT), Physiotherapists (PT), a Rehabilitation Assistant (RA), a Team Leader, and an Administrative Assistant.  The School Therapy Service team works with students, families, and school staff in the Central Zone of Nova Scotia Health (HRM and Windsor area) to help students safely participate in school. 

Students may be seen anywhere within the school environment (e.g. classroom, gym, playground, cafeteria, bathroom, hallway) during the natural routines of their day. Research shows that students experience the most success when they work on goals in their own everyday environments.




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