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Provincial Working Group Members

Updated October 2023

  • Ms. Lisa Goodwin, Neonatal Pharmacist, IWK Health
  • Dr. Pat Bolivar, Pediatrician, Kentville
  • Ms. Karen Chestney, RSV Prevention Clinic/ Provincial Palivizumab Monitoring Nurse, IWK Health
  • Dr. Danielle Adam, Pediatric Respirologist, IWK Health
  • Ms. Kristy Matheson, Cardiology Clinic Nurse, IWK Children’s Heart Centre
  • Dr. Andrzej Kajetanowicz, Neonatologist, Cape Breton Regional Hospital
  • Dr. Joanne Langley, Infectious Diseases Specialist, IWK Health
  • Ms. Andrea Melanson, Neonatal Discharge Planning Coordinator, IWK Health
  • Ms. Karen Carter, Manager, Ambulatory Medical Care, IWK Health
  • Ms. Jaime McDonald, Pharmacist, Valley Regional Hospital
  • Ms. LaReta Denton, Administrative Assistant/Data Entry, IWK Health
  • Dr. Kenny Wong, Pediatric Cardiologist, IWK Children’s Heart Centre
  • Ms. Elizabeth Schurman, Interim Director, Children’s Medical, Critical and Rehabilitation Services, IWK Health
  • Dr. Jill Starkes, Pediatrician, Charlottetown
  • Ms. Kathy Slayter, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist Antimicrobial Stewardship/Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Stephanie Aubrey, Pediatrician, Truro
  • Ms. Kerry Gautreau, Pediatric Clinic Nurse, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, PE
  • Dr. C. David Simpson, Neonatologist, IWK Health
  • Dr. Shelley Deeks, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, Department of Health and Wellness
  • Ms. Brenda Clement, Health Protection Consultant, Department of Health and Wellness
  • Ms. Katie Hollis, Director of Pharmacy, IWK Health