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Utilization Management Program Components

Updated October 2023

Utilization Management Program Components

1. Provincial Guidelines for RSV Infection Prophylaxis:
  • For Provincial guidelines refer to the “Nova Scotia Guidelines for RSV Infection Prophylaxis (2023 – 2024)” document.

2. Communication/Education to key stakeholders:

  • A letter with a copy of the guidelines, utilization management program and a Nova Scotia request form will be distributed to Nova Scotia pediatricians/Executive Directors/ VPs and physicians who have been identified as a palivizumab recipient care provider by the neonatal intensive care unit so there is awareness in the province of the processes in place for the 2023-24 RSV season.
  • Physicians requesting palivizumab last season will be advised through a letter from IWK Health to share information on the existence of the Nova Scotia Guidelines for RSV Infection Prophylaxis with colleagues.
  • An article will be published in the doctorsNS magazine in November reviewing the palivizumab use guidelines. The revised Nova Scotia request form and the full 2023-24 guidelines, utilization management program are on Search for ‘palivizumab.'
  • These documents will also be distributed to key stakeholders, including the other Atlantic Provinces.

3. Monitoring and Reporting of palivizumab cost and utilization data:

  • IWK Health will continue to monitor palivizumab utilization data and costs associated with this product and report this information back to key stakeholders.
  • Results from monitoring the defined start and end date for the RSV season will be reviewed to decide if modifications are required for the next season.
  • IWK Health will review inventory of palivizumab in the province at the end of RSV season including data on wastage and expired product.  An inventory summary is distributed to key stakeholders and the use of existing inventory is encouraged in their local pharmacies before new product is ordered for the next RSV season.
  • The guidelines, utilization management program and national recommendations for the use of palivizumab will be reviewed by the working group at the end of the 2023-24 RSV season.  Any further evidence, including cost-benefit analysis, which becomes available, will also be reviewed to ensure continuing efficient and effective use of palivizumab and determine if there is a need to adjust the guidelines. IWK Health’s results from monitoring palivizumab, utilization data and costs associated, for the 2023-24 RSV season will be included as part of the review.