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IWK Health works with vendors and other service providers to source high-quality products and services for the provincial health care system. Given the important role that suppliers play in our ability to achieve our goals and deliver on the commitments IWK has made to our clients, IWK is committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with them. These relationships are based on strong principles and IWK’s core values of trust, teamwork, and accountability.

IWK Health Procurement is responsible for expenditures for a wide range of items that include goods and services used internally and by our clients, logistics services, and intellectual property. The organization supports the needs of every part of IWK in a centralized and integrated manner. Procurement strives to achieve best overall value when acquiring or contracting for goods, services, and intellectual property assets.

All commitments of IWK funds to external suppliers in exchange for products, services, or intellectual property assets must be approved by an official procurement organization, and Broader Public Sector Supply Procurement Policies and Practices must be followed by all members of IWK Procurement.

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