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Purpose and values


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Our purpose

To passionately pursue a healthy future with women, children, youth and families in all their diversity through excellence in care, research and innovation and applied learning.

Our values and commitments

  • Acting from the heart: Generosity, empathy, and kindness are the core of who we are. We are fueled by warmth and compassion, positivity and friendliness. We are connected in this journey together.
  • Making things better: We’re here to make a difference. We are invested in reflecting, listening and working together to make things better. We are fully committed to excellence and having a positive, meaningful impact.
  • Driven by learning: Our drive to learn and be our best comes from a spirit of collective curiosity and imagination. We’re motivated by excellence and big ideas. We dare to dream, see the possibilities and make things the best they can be.
  • Tackling our challenges: Our commitment, dedication and resilience guide us through adversity. We use flexibility, creativity and adaptability to find solutions to our challenges. No matter how difficult the path, we lead by persevering and helping each other weather any storms.
  • Optimizing our potential: We realize greatness as we work together to co-create our present and our future. Recognizing the contributions we all have to offer, we build upon one another’s strengths toward achieving our shared vision and goals. As we work collaboratively, we share our uniqueness and our diversity as a beacon to improve and move forward.
  • Cultivating belonging: We co-create and nurture the conditions for belonging so people can be their best self. By paying attention to equity, fairness and diversity we optimize people feeling accepted and appreciated. Cultivating open and inclusive relationships that encourage our comfort and security to blossom, we invite everyone to meaningfully contribute.