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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Reconciliation and Accessibility

IWK Health is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where diversity is respected, embraced, and valued, and to providing culturally-competent care. Cultural competence recognizes and respects the cultural and personal values of patients, families, staff, and all those who interact with the IWK.

We demonstrate cultural competence by:

  • creating an environment within the IWK that's safe, welcoming, and inclusive of all people
  • valuing and respecting everyone’s own definition of family
  • developing a workforce that reflects the communities we serve
  • providing ongoing education to our staff, physicians, and volunteers to increase cultural competence
  • ensuring quality care in an approach that is inclusive, collaborative, and respectful.

Services that support cultural diversity

Interpretation and Translation Services
Interpretation and Translation Services are available at the IWK for patients and families who English is an additional language. 

Spiritual Care
As part of our commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive environment, the IWK values and supports spiritual diversity. Spiritual, religious and emotional support and counselling is available to patients and families of all faiths and beliefs through Spiritual Care

The IWK Diversity and Inclusion Lens tool
The diversity and inclusion lens tool is a set of questions intended to help IWK Health staff, physicians, and volunteers consider the concepts of diversity and inclusion in the development, revision, implementation, and evaluation of programs, policies and practices. The lens tool serves to promote and protect diversity at the IWK.

We welcome your ideas

We’re excited to work in partnership with diverse families and community organizations. If you have any thoughts and ideas on how the IWK can continue to be more welcoming and inclusive, please contact our diversity and inclusion coordinator.

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    Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator