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Accountability & Transparency

As a publicly funded organization, IWK Health is committed to the principles of accountability and transparency as we manage our precious health-care resources. By ensuring that public money is spent appropriately, we enhance the strength of our organization and optimize our performance ensuring that we provide the highest quality of care to women, children, youth and families in the Maritimes. 
In addition to the public release of our audited financial statements, the IWK also prepares a Management Discussion and Analysis to provide an easy read to those interested in assessing taxpayer value.  Our aim is to provide the public with a suite of performance information to better understand and interpret the operations of the IWK in a transparent manner.  We believe in the principle of transparency as a key element of good governance to improve policy formulation and implementation and to inform better decision making.
Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) which outlines our quality and safety priorities, represents our commitment to ensuring the care and services we provide are accessible, effective, safe, patient-centred and promote an integrated health system. We post our QIP publicly and submit it to the provincial government to improve care across the health system.