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Accessibility Plan


On behalf of Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health, we welcome you to explore our first Accessibility Plan.

We have taken up the call to action in Nova Scotia’s accessibility legislation and provincial goals. We believe that our workplaces and communities are enriched through diversity. Through this plan, we aim to recognize the contributions of all people with disabilities. We have identified priority actions that will help us become more accessible care environments and workplaces.

Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health are key organizations in our province’s health care system. We are working together toward common accessibility goals. These goals are critical to the work we do, to the patients and families we serve, and to the employees, physicians, learners, and volunteers who work with us. These goals are about safety, dignity, and respect. The 2023–2026 Accessibility Plan is part of our ongoing work as prescribed public sector bodies under Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act and identified in Access by Design 2030. Our plan focuses on six key accessibility standard areas. It sets expectations, identifies roles and responsibilities, and provides planning guidance.